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Java and J2EE Training in Salem | Sky Tech Salem

Learn Java Training In Salem At SkyTech – No 1 Java Training Institute In Salem. Call 8667746224 For More Details. Register today for learning basic core Java Training to go for advanced J2EE Java Training in Salem.

Java is one of the most powerful and secure programming languages available in the market that was created more than 20 years back. From large super computers to mobile phones, millions of applications run on Java platform. Java was introduced more than two decades ago and it is still considered as an evergreen programming language in the software development industry for its portable, secure and robust features. There is a huge demand for Java and J2EE developers to develop new applications as well as to maintain the old applications developed in Java.
best java and j2ee training center in salem

SkyTech offers a wide range of JAVA training in Salem to meet the growing corporate needs. The course materials and syllabus are prepared by trainers who have many years of experience in leading IT companies. We provide Java Training in Salem with Placement in leading companies. Walk into our Office to find the list of Companies our Students are placed.

Our Java Course Syllabus is designed to master your skills in Java programming, development and other essential tools required for developing applications in J2EE, J2SE and J2ME. Our course kit includes extensive practical oriented training pointing real-world problems that help students to gain industry exposure and confidence to work with any job requirements.

Where Java is Used..???

Java is also called Ever green Software.. due to java features..billions of systems has been run on Java.
we list some technologies where java has been used..
  • Operating System
  • Device Driver 
  • Games
  • Dynamic And Static Websites
  • Web Based Dynamic Platforms where high security needed
  • Software Testing - Selenium
  • Java to enterprise conceptual software
  • Big data
  • Hadoop
  • Android Operating Systems
  • Android Applications
  • System Applications like (Browsers, Media Player.,etc)
  • etc...,,,
Java courses in Salem at SkyTech branches are offered by experienced IT professionals with 10+ years of real-time experience in software development industry. Our trainers have strong experience in Java software development so that best quality training is guaranteed. We offer professional training in Java technologies by Java experts with the objective to bridge the gap between college education and IT Industry. After completing our Java coaching program, we offer 100% placement and Java certification support to all our students. This unique approach makes us the best Java training in Center in Salem.

Why Choose SkyTech For Your JAVA/J2EE Training ?
  • Practical training by working professionals from leading IT companies
  • Learn by working on real-time Java projects
  • Interactive online training sessions allowing complete interactivity between the student and the trainer
  • Flexible Timings – Weekday, Weekend & Fast-track
  • Tips and discussion to build your technical interview skills
  • Placement tie-up with more than 550+ companies in Salem
  • Below is the High Level JAVA course syllabus that can be altered to meet your needs. Please walk into SkyTech Mecheri branch for a detailed JAVA Syllabus.

Java Training In Salem Course Syllabus


  • Our core java training module begins with introduction to java, OOPS concepts, semantics, multi-threading, constructors, GUI programming, exception handling, applets, etc. Kindly speak to our Education Counselors for the detailed and best Java training course syllabus
  • Java Basics
  • Oops Concepts
  • Data types, Variables, Methods, Operators
  • Class and Objects
  • Constructor
  • Packages
  • Access Specifiers & Modifiers
  • Access Levels
  • Arrays
  • Encapsulation
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Interfaces
  • Casting
  • Wrapper classes
  • Exception Handling
  • Garbage Collection
  • Collection Framework
  • Java I/O
  • Java Threads
  • String, Stringbuffer and String Builder
  • Java Beans
  • Java Networking
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • JDBC

J2EE Training In Salem

  • People with basic experience in JAVA and want to go beyond with a deeper knowledge, undergo JAVA J2EE Training in Salem from SkyTech. J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise edition) is an environment for deploying and developing enterprise applications. It is used for distribution in a large scale smart network and web services. J2EE is platform independent and has set of services, API (Application Programming Interface), and protocols for developing multi-tiered, Web based application. J2EE consists of the servlet, framework, JDBC, JQUERY, JSP and much more. Some of the topics are discussed below.
  • AJAX
  • JSTL
  • HTML
  • JDBC
  • EJB
  • HTML5
  • JSP
  • MVC
J2EE is a vast topic which can be discussed in our J2EE training institute in Salem. To know more about the concepts and technology, you can undergo J2EE Courses in Saelm by our professional experts in SkyTech.

  • Enterprise JavaBeans components
  • EJB component implementation
  • EJB component types
  • Stateful session beans
  • Stateless session beans
  • Entity beans
  • EJB transaction attributes values
  • EJB container services
What Will You Learn From Java Training In Salem?
  • Get in-depth skills on how to program with Java
  • To learn advanced concepts of Java Threading and Multi-threading
  • To know the Advanced JDBC and Advanced Java File IO techniques.
  • Enhance the knowledge to thoroughly use the JDK framework to create Java application.
  • To learn how to implement standard SQL queries to integrate with databases
  • Learn client-server interaction through sockets
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • Learn how to use collection to store and manage data
Scope Of JAVA

Everybody must agree to the fact that the Java is one of the best things happened in the IT industry. It has a sustaining eco-system right from the mobility to the middleware. As it is platform independent many users choose Java to work with and it is considered as a user-friendly platform. Presently Java is the most preferred coding language in the entire IT sector and also among developers and no doubt it would have the same place in future as well. Right from the beginning of the career Java developers will have a decent package and they get a very good pay once they get succeeded in their first project. If you have a proper technical knowledge with a valid certification from any of the well-reputed institution, you can fetch a great job in this Java field, just for this reason many people prefer taking Java Training in Saelm. There are lots of onsite jobs available for Java developers and if you choose Java as your working field then you can fly to abroad for your job. To achieve all these you must have clear knowledge in Java and it is recommended to take up a good J2EE Training in Salem who could teach you all the concepts in depth. And the other important fact is that Java field is one among the highest paid jobs in the IT sector. So, without any further delay, it is better to get jobs in Java by taking up Java Course in Saelm. Even though various programming languages are evolving in the recent days, Java is considered to be the most wanted high level language to build various applications which are very useful. Java demands the highest position in the Job market because many MNCs require persons with Java knowledge and good skill sets in it. To enhance your knowledge and for your career growth, enroll now for the best Java Training in Salem.

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